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My website chargecooler.org originally started as a source of information on Lotus cars. The term “charge cooler” was applied by Colin Chapman to the turbo engine in the Lotus Esprit, with the aim to cool the turbo-compressed inlet air, before it enters into the engine. The result was a serious increase in engine power: a stock charge cooled 2.2 liter engine of Turbo Esprit had a performance of 264 BHP. With some further chip-tuning this could safely be increased to ca. 290 BHP for road use and over 300 BHP for track use.

Myself, I owned such a 290 BHP powered Lotus Esprit, model year 1990, which was a truly fast supercar, having the most powerful production 2.2 four-cylinder engine that ever was produced until then.



This car was originally delivered to Italy and imported by a Lamborghini trader to The Netherlands. When I bought it, it still had the Italian registration. I had it imported and passing the Dutch RDW. Since, it has seen various trips to the annual Lotus meeting in Castle Donington, a motorway trip across Germany towards Munich and also a visit to the Dutch Zandvoort racing circuit, in hommage to the only true Esprit connaisseur, Maarten van Sten, who had regularly serviced the car.